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Ji'nan linuoruite solar energy is a kind of absorption of solar radiation, and the energy is converted into heat, a device for generating hot water. The solar water heater has convenient installation, flexible, energy-saving effect and other advantages, has been widely used in household and commercial hot water with hot water, industrial process water preheating, swimming pool etc..


Water heater water is what is going on, this shows that the water pressure is too small, the solar water heater is non pressure operation, the water supply situation it is equivalent to the roof tank water supply, water heater tank should be considered as an additional roof water tank, the water pressure is composed of solar water tank and water apparatus to determine the height difference the.


Solar water heater water tank or water can not be full of what is the reason, in general, there are several reasons: valve failure, vacuum pipe damage or joint damage, serious water leakage. The water pressure is too low to reach the upper part of the water tank or to achieve the inlet pressure of the solenoid valve.

电磁阀损坏,将万用表拨在直流50 伏档,测量电磁阀接线头的电压,电压为12 伏,但电磁阀没有打开,证明电磁阀损坏,解决的办法是更换电磁阀。控制仪故障,主要表现在电磁阀输出端没有输出电压,用万用表直流50 伏档量控制仪电磁阀接线端子两端电压,应该在12 伏附近。如果没有电压,则说明控制仪损坏。

Solenoid valve damage, the multimeter dial in the DC 50 volts gear, measuring the valve head of the voltage, voltage of 12 volts, but the solenoid valve is not open, to prove the damage to the solenoid valve, the solution is to replace the solenoid valve. Control instrument fault, mainly in the electromagnetic valve output no output voltage, with multimeter, DC 50 volt gear control device, electromagnetic valve terminal terminals voltage, should be in the vicinity of 12 volts. If there is no voltage, the controller is damaged.

因其用途广泛,太阳能热水器型式也就非常的多,大致可分平板式太阳能热水器、真空集热管式太阳能热水器及抛物面式太阳能热水器等机种。高低差10 米,水的压力增加1千克。一般情况下,高低差5 米以上的水压就可以使用了,也就是隔一层楼就行了,如果用户仍嫌水压太小,可以在管道中加装增压水泵来解决。

Because of its wide range of uses, solar water heaters are very large, and can be divided into flat plate solar water heaters, vacuum heat collecting tubes, solar water heaters and parabolic solar water heaters and other types of aircraft. The difference between height and height is 10 meters, and the water pressure increases by 1 kilograms. Under normal circumstances, the difference between 5 meters above the water pressure can be used, that is, on the next floor on the line, and if users still suspect water pressure is too small, you can install pressurized water pump in the pipeline to solve.




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